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My parents had a big fight, today. My mother took my sisters with her for tea, but I wanted to stay home with my father. He's alone in his office. In a while I'm going to offer to make him something to eat. Hopefully that will cheer him up.

The fight was about my father's business. It's gone downhill since the separation, I know, but I had no idea how bad it was until now. It looks like most of the workforce came from Greece because they were cheap, and now that the company has to hire Turks everything costs more. Also, my father apparently bought out some of the Greek executives at a rate he didn't discuss with my mother. Why he would discuss things like that with her, I have no idea. They never talk about money. He makes it, and she spends it. That's all.

I know I sound harsh, but that's the way things are. I don't think she has any right to complain now, when she's never really participated in any of the important conversations. I bet I know more about how the company runs than she does. I at least listen to my father when he manages to make it home, rather than always changing the subject to what the neighbours or my sisters are doing.

Everybody says I'm too quiet, but I'm just listening. There's nothing wrong with listening, is there?

...I can hear them downstairs. They've come back. I hear discussing of the Hermes store. I hate my mother's shallow variety of revenge.


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